Dr Hickman - Irene to her friends and associates - has left this life. Her goal in recent years was to ensure that the work she started would continue and be expanded. She founded the Hickman Healing Foundation. Now, others that she selected and trained will carry on. This is what she hoped for. Her work is done for now.

Irene has said that in her next life there is so much to do that one body is simply not enough. The next time, she would like to have five bodies so she could do all of the things she hopes to do. We hope that five is enough.


Understanding the WHY of a condition results in better healing than treating of symptoms alone.

Why are some conditions not treatable? Why do some "hopeless" conditions disappear? Why do sudden, unexplained changes in health or behavior occur? Why do terminally ill persons get well? Why do some people simply not respond to proven medical procedures? Why do some people get well using treatments of no proven effectiveness? At the Hickman Healing Foundation, we have found answers to some of the "Why?" questions. We are still asking "Why?".

We are seeking the "Why?" of human problems. Viruses and bacteria cause some illnesses. Accidents and violence can result in physical damage. Simply living takes its toll. What about others? Headaches are not caused by lack of aspirin. Allergies are not caused by lack of antihistimines. Click on some ot the buttons on the left of the screen to learn more about the organization that is asking, and sometimes answering, the "Why?" questions.

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