James M. Hartshorn

My Kitchen Remodeling Project Gone Wrong

We had Sears remodel out kitchen. It was not a happy experience. I am sure that others have also had problems. Our story is told here. There is a provision for others to relate their experience, good or bad.

Click here to view "The Remodeling Gone Wrong" .

Jim Hartshorn on YouTube

I have discovered the twenty first century. There are some videos on YouTube. Click here to see "Jim's Videos" . Be sure to check out "Baby Panda in a Tree" and the "Chinese Harmonica Band".

The Fictional Works of Milt Lyles

Milt Lyles is a story teller. His novel "The Cruelest Lie" is presented here. "The Cruelest Lie" is a richly textured story of treachery, greed, love and courage set against the atmospheric backdrop of Louisiana's bayou country. When an innocent boy is nearly destroyed by small town corruption and avarice, he sets in motion a deadly struggle between integrity and iniquity, truth and deceit.

Hickman Healing Foundation

Why are some conditions not treatable? Why do some "hopeless" conditions disappear? Why do sudden, unexplained changes in health or behavior occur? Why do terminally ill persons get well? Why do some people simply not respond to proven medical procedures? Why do some people get well using treatments of no proven effectiveness? At the Hickman Healing Foundation, we have found answers to some of the "Why?" questions. At the Hickman Healing Foundation We are still asking "Why?".

Designs by Sharon

Sharon Ummel is an abstract designer living in Diamond Bar, California. Some samples of her work are shown here. Click here to see some of the Designs by Sharon.

Knoxville Iowa High School Class of 1945

OK, so I'm a member of a really outstanding high school class. How many graduating classes of 1945 have a website? Click here to see the website of Knoxville, Iowa, Class of 1945.

Who is James M. Hartshorn?

The person who is behind this website is Jim Hartshorn .