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Betty Ann Blake

I have COPD and not too good now.  I’m in assisted living here at “The Village” in Indianola.  I do see Dorene V. McConnell as she and her husband are in a nearby area here at the “Village”.  I really don’t drive at night.


Always good to here about classmates.


Don Dixon class of 43 is also here.  Has rooms near mine although he is having new (or old) health problems.  Was in the hospital a month and not in the care center here, hopefully that is temporary.  Thought some might remember him.


Alberta Caulkins Viers

Alberta’s husband Jack reported that Alberta passed away September 16, 2006.  They had been married for over 62 years.  They had known each other since Alberta was ten.  He says “I loved her so much.  I guess I loved her even then – WOW!.  She was a dandy.”


Love to all.


Hope/pray all will have a good reunion.


Best to all.




Ila Caulkins Berg

Hi classmates of 1945; 62 years!


Long time, many of them has left our sight, never to be seen again.  We all have memories, good and bad.  Life goes on.  God only gives you as much as you can handle, we have all heard that at one time or another.  We have all had our losses and our dramas but we are still here!  Must be some reason!  I hope your lives are full and happy.


Ila (Caulkins) Berg


Ruth McRoberts Berg

I am 2 years older with more aches and pains, but other than that, nothing has changed at the Berg household.  I still miss the trips back home.




Fred Clark

This is a travel year for Marge and me.  Hope it is a good reunion.  Tell us about it.


Fred Clark


Jim Hartshorn

Both Harriett and I are living a full and active life at home, and getting in some travel too.  We are in good health – Harriett has been diagnosed as diabetic and my pacemaker is now pacing my heart 100% of the time, but these do not restrict our activities in any way.


It may seem like we are preoccupied with travel, but we are really not.  With that said here is what we have been up to:


November and December, 2006, we spent six weeks visiting friends in Australia, a cruise from Sydney to Auckland, and visiting friends in New Zealand.


In June, Harriett went back to Iowa City for her 50th college class reunion.


From July 17 through August 4 we attended an International School Nurses conference in Singapore.  This was preceded with a tour of China.


And, of course, we will be in Knoxville for the reunion in September.  Flying this time.  Our schedule does not permit our usual motorhome trip.


We are off again in October to Venice where we will cruise the Mediterranean and visit such places as Rome, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Casablanca (Where I will have to invite Harriett to “Come with me to the Kasbah”), Dakar and Rio de Janeiro.


Harriett keeps very busy with volunteer work, knitting, and simply enjoying the company of friends.


I am busy with all kinds of things, but the big one right now is to bring Pilgrim Congregational Church to the awareness of the community.  So many good things are happening there but not many people know about them.  I have implemented a newspaper ad campaign and upgraded their website to make it more effective.  (Still a lot of work needs to be done there.  Still not good enough.)  We need to move into the 21st century.  I have bought a camcorder and am learning to produce my own movies for the church website.  Because of the amount of work involved, and our travel schedule, it will be at least the first of the year before anything is ready.




Roy Heuer (Dorothy Kamerick’s husband)

Thank you for all the notices.  I will not attend any of the reunions and please take me off your mailing list.


I have many fond memories of the past meetings.




Bob Mark

We were in Knoxville in April for a wedding and July for a funeral, so we will not be attending this year’s events.  Also, each of us has sisters in Knoxville and Oskaloosa who have significant medical problems.  So, we could have to return any time!


To the class of ’45 , I say “Thanks for many, many fond memories.


2009??  Maybe we’ll see you then.


Bob and Doris Mark


Ken McKay

I am deeply saddened to inform you that my dear, sweet father, Ken McKay, passed away in his sleep on July 16th after a brave battle with recurrent lung cancer.  He had spoken many times about the upcoming reunion and how much he wanted to attend the festivities.  Please keep him in your prayers and perhaps raise a toast to him in Knoxville this September.




Alison McKay Elmquist, M.D.


Paul Palmer

Nothing newsy at our house.  Look forward to seeing those attending the dinner.


I’ve been receiving emails about the KHS SOS project.  Who, what, why was the football stadium named after Ken Locke?  Any information?  Didn’t and don’t recognize the name.




Robert Smith

I am having problems with my back.  Dr. says I need to have an operation.  Traveling is really painful, so I’m not sure that I can attend.




Ivan Van Trease

I am on oxygen 24 hours and cannot attend.  Sure would like to, but I enjoy hearing about our classmates.  Thanks to you and Myron.




Dorene Vercellino McConnell

After 50 happy years in the food business we have moved into a retirement community here in Indianola.


Our family consists of three sons and a daughter, six grandkids and one great granddaughter.




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