James M. Hartshorn


I am “retired” after more than forty years as computer programmer.  I have worked at  many things as, such as salesman, marketing specialist, overseas construction and systems development, always from a programmer’s background.  I attended the University of Iowa, and have an undergraduate degree in physics.  I have a masters degree in management from Cal State, Los Angeles.  I live in Pomona, California with my wife Harriett.


Harriett is now “retired” after twenty seven years as a school nurse.  She is an accomplished knitter.  A sweater of hers won the “Best of Show” ribbon at the 1996 Los Angeles County Fair.  Harriett also attended the University of Iowa and has a BS in Nursing.


We are both active in our church.  We enjoy camping with friends and travel in our motorhome at times.  We and our kids lived in Iran in 1978.  I have also worked in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.  We have traveled to Korea, Kenya, Ghana and the UK together.  (Since this was first written, we have traveled together extensively.  We have visited twenty five countries on all continents except Antarctica, and cruised across the Atlantic twice.)  In addition, Harriett has traveled through Europe with the International School Nurses Organization.


We have a daughter Anna who is married and has two children.  She is a school teacher.  Our son Nick is divorced and has a daughter.  He is a big rig truck driver.


Over the years I have thought about how to respond to people who ask me to tell them about myself.  My life has been far to full and I have done so many things that a brief summary seemed impossible.  I have finally resolved the problem.  I can put my life into one sentence.  Good things happen to me.  The rest is just expansion of the statement.


First and most important is that Harriett and I were married, a highly unlikely event.  The direction of my life was set at that point.  The University of Iowa was an incredible experience.  My work as a programmer, quite often on the leading edge of systems development, put in contact with some exceptional people.  My church work led me into areas that not many people have been, or would care to be.  My family and I lived and worked in Esfahan, Iran, where I ran the computer center at a refinery construction project.  I also lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.  I spent several years as a salesman because I was a programmer.


In March, 1994, I was diagnosed with cancer (non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) on the liver.  My doctor did not expect me to live.  We attacked the cancer with the prayers of my family and friends, some of the best medical care in the country only five blocks from home, and my own resources and attitudes.  By mid September, the tumor was gone!!


December 7, 2004, I went into sudden cardiac arrest.  Harriett and the paramedics had me in the emergency room at the local hospital when my heart stopped.  CPR and the defibrillator got things going again.  I have a pacemaker which is pacing my heart 100% of the time.  My life expectancy without the pacemaker is measured in minutes.  This has not interfered with living my life as I choose.


I am in exceptionally good health now.


Good things happen to me.


Much of my time now is spent working to reveal “Pomona’s Best Kept Secret”, Pilgrim Congregational Church, to Pomona and the world.  The project is just getting off the ground.  Watch for us.  In promises to be interesting.



Drop me an E-Mail,  I’d love to hear from you.  My email address is hartshorn@keyway.net.